You can view a copy of my CV here.

Peer-reviewed Articles

2018. “Religion and Foreign Aid." Politics & Religion 11(3): 522-552. doi: 10.1017/S1755048318000093 [pdf] [online appendix]

2018. "Voting in Transition: Participation and Alienation in Egypt’s 2012 Presidential Election." Middle East Law & Governance 10(1): 25-58. (with Caroline Abadeer and Scott Williamson) doi: 10.1163/18763375-01001001 [pdf] [data]

Working Papers

“Ideological Responses to Settler Colonialism: Political Identities in Post-Independence Tunisia.”

“Gender Stereotypes, Political Leadership, and Voting Behavior in Tunisia.” (with Marlette Jackson) [EGAP pre-analysis plan] Under review.

“Did Egypt’s Post-Uprising Crime Wave Increase Support for Authoritarian Rule?” (with Caroline Abadeer, Lisa Blaydes, and Scott Williamson) Under review.

“Unintended Consequences: Resources, Gulf Migration, and Attitudinal Shifts.” (with Kerry Persen)

Manuscripts in Progress

“The Prospects for Drug Decriminalization and Criminal Justice Reform in Tunisia.” (with Christopher Lewis and Farah Samti). [EGAP pre-analysis plan]

“Party Elites and Gender Quotas: Strategic Behavior in the 2018 Tunisian Elections.” (with Aytug Sasmaz and Julia Clark). [EGAP pre-analysis plan]

Policy Articles & Op-eds

“Prison reform and drug decriminalization in Tunisia.” Social Policy in the Middle East North Africa, Project on Middle East Political Science (POMEPS) Studies 31, October 2018. [pdf] [online appendix]

One third of municipal councilors in Tunisia are from independent lists. How independent are they?” Democracy International (with Julia Clark and Aytug Sasmaz), July 2018. [English] [Arabic]

Generational divide in Tunisia's 2018 municipal elections: Are youth candidates different?Democracy International (with Julia Clark and Aytug Sasmaz), July 2018. [English] [Arabic]

List fillers or future leaders? Female candidates in Tunisia's 2018 municipal elections.” Democracy International (with Julia Clark and Aytug Sasmaz), July 2018. [English] [Arabic]

Introducing the Tunisian local election candidate survey (LECS): A new approach to studying local governance.” Democracy International (with Julia Clark and Aytug Sasmaz), July 2018. [English] [Arabic]

“Is marijuana decriminalization possible in the Middle East?” The Monkey Cage on The Washington Post (with Farah Samti), April 20, 2018.